Puddings, Pies & Ices by Il Ritrovo

the Tiramisu

The first cake that we prepared in our club was the Tiramisu, a classic, always present.
Is made with first quality ladyfingers, mascarpone Galbani, fresh eggs and sugar.

The nougat parfait garnished with amaretto cream The nougat parfait garnished with dark chocolate melted

The nougat parfait: a sweet sophisticated, we must thank our friend Tiziana for having "passed" the recipe.
Serve Him with a cream or amaretto with melted chocolate.

the Tronchetto with chestnut cream and sour cream

The Tronchetto with chestnut cream and sour cream: a distinction.
A sweet original in its simplicity: a panbiscotto soaked, a layer of chestnut cream and whipped cream, rolled and garnished with sour cream and brown-glaces.
We have to thank our friend Margaret suggested that we propose to our customers.

The meringue prepared by Anna

The meringue cake to serve with a drizzle of hot chocolate.
The ingredients are meringue and whipped cream with the addition of chocolate chips, a variant is the one with the grain of nougat.

Cake filled with mascarpone cream

Cake filled with mascarpone cream.
Use a sponge with a mild inzuppatura on which lies a layer of chocolate cream, another layer of sponge cake on top and a cast of mascarpone cream.
A crank on hot chocolate and... I'll bring as many slices?

panna cotta topped with melted chocolate panna cotta garnished with cherry jam

Panna cotta, classic sweet Piedmont.
We serve it in several versions, with the hot chocolate with cherry jam prepared by us or with the caramel.

The chocolate salami

The chocolate salami, prepared as before, with roughly chopped cookies, cocoa, nuts and Piemonte hazelnuts, butter, sugar and... and then if I tell you all...

Cake profiteroles.
The realize of course after the sponge cake baked in the oven, using a disk of that, soaking wet with a light and covering it with a layer of custard. On this we place the cream puffs filled with whipped cream and chocolate cream over the coliamo finally garnishing with slivers of white chocolate.

And for your parties we can prepare some delicious custom cakes...

fruit cake prepared by Anna fruit cake prepared by Anna one of the pies prepared by Anna
meringue The 'Lady's Kisses' prepared by Anna ice cream smothered in chocolate